This is a page for an ongoing project to write the outdoor survival and bushcraft book I’ve always wanted but could never find. A picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s said, and I want a book that’s image-dense and light on narrative, to serve as a visual reminder of techniques I’m familiar with. I also wanted a resource with data tables, formulas, and other information relying on rote memory. This is not intended to be a beginner’s guide or general survival manual, but a reference for those familiar with the techniques to help jog the memory and find the right tool or approach.

I’ve decided to make this an open-source project, and provide a Dropbox link here to all my illustrations and writings. You’re free to download, print, and share what you find useful. You may find some writings and illustrations nonsensical or confusing. The book is/was mainly designed as a tool for myself, built for my thinking process and knowledge base, and not particularly intended for mass appeal.

When I’m satisfied with the finished book, I plan to offer copies for sale here, compact in size for easy packing, spiral bound to lay flat, and printed on weather resistant stock for durability in the field.

Dropbox Link

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