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All ONI products come with a lifetime, unlimited warranty. If anything breaks or is damaged, send it back to me and I’ll fix it or make it right.

Aside from the products seen here, I can also offer knife restoration, Duracoating of firearms and other gear, custom sheaths and holsters, and other items. Please contact me directly.

Please note: contact me directly to discuss commissioned work via the contacts link at the top of the page

Available for sale or commission:

Blue Hip Quiver with Caiman Skin and Labradorite Cabochon
[1 Available, $250]
Please contact directly for purchasing- contact link here.
Boiling water-hardened, resin lined leather flask.
[1 Available, $90]
Boiling water-hardened, resin lined leather flask.
[1 Available, $80]
X1 Hardened Leather Cuff Bracelet with Blue Tiger Eye and 24k Gold Accent
[1 Available, $50]
Axe Masks/Frogs
[Available on Request]
Molded Leather Purses
[1 Available in Green, $100]
Molded Leather Pouches
[1 Available in Green, $45]

ONI Bush Brooch
[6 Available, $20]
ONI Iron Spoon
[4 available, $15]
ONI Iron Fork
[4 Available, $15]
Custom Fit X1 Hardened Leather Arch Support
[Available on Request]

Showcase Items, not for sale:

Oxblood Quiver [Not Available]
Caiman Inlay Sunburst Hip Quiver [Not Available]
E G Waterman WWII Combat Knife Restoration and Sheath
[Knife Restoration and Sheaths Available on Request]
X1 Hardened Leather Bottle
[Not Available]
Hand Carved, Spalted Birch Kuksa
Hand Carved Maple Muddler
Wet Molded Leather Belt Pouch

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