This section includes links to detailed build processes for various completed projects, status updates for ongoing projects, and plans for upcoming projects.

Oxblood Quiver Build Process

Blue Hip Quiver with Caiman Skin and Labradorite Cabochon Build Process

Making a Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

Rendering Deer Fat for Soaps, Salves, and Candles

Growing Oyster Mushrooms on Scrap Cardboard

Making a Foraging Dump Pouch

The Bushcraft and Survival Field Reference- an ongoing project to write the outdoors book I’ve always wanted.

Carving a Wooden Trench Bowl

Designing and Building the Forager’s Staff: An Old Tool With New Tricks

DIY Convex Grind Knife Sharpeners

Burning a Spoon Bowl in the Field

Building a “Long Fire” for Extra Warmth on Cold Nights

Quick Woodwork Project: Making a Wooden Mallet

Dyeing Wool With Mushrooms

“Pulled Pork” King Oyster Sandwiches

Ham Radio Kit for Emergency Communication

Making a Wool Anorak

The “Blind Wedge” Technique for Secure Attachments in the Field

Making Ramp Ghee

Making and using a bobbin lathe

Making a Hardened Leather, Hinged Eyeglass Case

Carpenter’s Hatchet Sheath and Frog

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