ONI Fire Tool

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The ONI Fire Tool combines two fire-making devices into one lightweight, compact tool that fits on a keychain. On one end is a brass lined divot for use as a bearing block when performing bow-drill friction fires. On the other end is a "mini bellows", very useful for directing a precise, powerful stream of air to help struggling tinder to flame, or for accurate burning of spoons and bowls in the bush. The tool is made primarily from X1 hardened vegetable-tanned cowhide. This hardening method was developed by ONI in 2018 and is currently used exclusively in ONI products. The result is a material with wood-like rigidity that bends instead of snapping, won't transfer heat to the skin like metal, won't soften under low heat like some plastics, and is food-safe and highly water resistant. Colors available are un-dyed (brown), black, red, blue, and green. Please be aware that due to the nature of the material, shade and overall appearance will change rapidly with use. In the primary photo, on the bottom is a fire tool after about a week on a keychain. The tool has taken on beautiful character with handling. Each ONI Fire Tool is hand-made by me, and is an inexpensive way to get a sample of X1 leather and a very usable tool as well!

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