ONI Stamp

I figured it was time to have a custom stamp made if I planned to keep selling things. There are a LOT of custom stamp makers on Etsy, so I looked through some and chose what looked like a high quality product at a decent price. I went with High Desert CNC Designs, and am very glad I did. They turn out an extremely nice, hefty tool and I think it’s a huge value for what you get.

The logo itself is 3/4 inch tall and made of CNC machined brass. Lines are crisp and make an excellent impression.

I opted for the $8 handle, an optional accessory. It is a beefy chunk of steel with a threaded end to accept the stamp. The shop also offers three heating irons ranging from $30-42, the more expensive ones being higher wattage with more features. I was quoted $40 for the stamp after sending my logo, plus the handle and shipping put the total cost at $53 and I had my stamp a week later. That’s less than I’ve paid for some non-custom Barry King stamps. That is reasonable. Definitely a strong recommendation for High Desert CNC Designs, excellent work. Thank you John and Lynette!

Another photo for scale
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