Jason and Java

I was born in northeast Iowa in 1980 as a first generation American citizen, my father’s family having lived in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) and then Holland, and surviving Japanese POW camps during WWII. My father and grandfather were passionate outdoorsmen and I’d often watch dad improvise or repair his gear with scraps of leather and an awl. He taught me to hunt and fish, camp, and more, and I owe him for igniting the spark that led me to a passion. Learning from my father, I enjoyed tinkering with leather as a child, and continued investigating all he’d taught me about the outdoors. After high school, I completed nursing school, and have worked in the midwest as an RN since 2006. I spent three months living at Ryumoni Zen Monastery in northeast Iowa after college, and received lay ordination there in 2013.

My hobbies and passions are too numerous to list, but of late I’ve spent most of it with leather. In it, I found a medium that was accessible, rewarding, and fascinating. I’d tried drawing and others, but with leather I found the greatest ability to put my imagination in my hands. I’ve taken a keen interest in mycology of late as well. Many hours during fair weather are spent in the woods with Java, crouching with a camera next to some rubbery mass on the woodland floor that others would scarcely taken notice of. In the summer there’s more than I can eat, so friends and family get to (have to?) enjoy the bounty. I’ve done a bit of fungi cultivation at home as well, and have a great community of experts online who have graciously offered 1:1 guidance. Camping, fishing, hiking, emergency woodland survival, bushcraft, sewing, carving, and a host of other pursuits keep me busy.

When a new project takes hold in my mind, an obsession develops and I find the ability to devote considerable amounts of time and effort to see it to reality. Whether finding a new, better way to complete an old task, or building the next leather article that latched hold in some corner of my brain. I’ll lay awake in bed, eyes closed, visualizing the setting where it would be found. Medieval Europe? Feudal Japan? Or maybe from the future. Perhaps this piece’s home is at the end of a long dirt road shrouded by looming oaks, hanging from a peg on the front porch of a log cabin. Approach the steps and hear the gentle crunch of gravel under my feet. What is that? Next to that shapely longbow? Ah, it’s a quiver. It’s the quiver. It’s gorgeous. It’s the perfect quiver for dad. Pop my eyes open, scribble a couple of notes. Now- how am I going to do that?? Couple of weeks later, there it is, sitting on my work bench. Real. Yeah, I love leather.

I tend to take a lot of photos of my projects, and the more photos I took and shared, the more photos and journals people asked for. So I figured it was time to have one home for them all, instead of scattered across the internet. I hope you enjoy what you find, I thank you for your visit, and please reach out via Contact for anything.

Jason F. Timmermans

The Shop

This is where the magic happens, a small room in my apartment in Iowa.

Oni is a demon in Japanese mythology. I chose this icon as a representation and a reminder to myself of the struggles I’ve endured along this journey, the discipline that guided me through them, and the strength I found in making friends with the demon. Would you like to know more?

I hope my legacy is the knowledge I’ve brought to my areas of interest through my work, my passion for growth and critical thinking, and my love for the natural world. To that end, all information offered on this website is free to be used, shared, copied, pasted, and further developed. No information is to be copyrighted, and please credit the author when appropriate. I’m banking on common decency to promote and maintain this knowledge as available to all.

I’ve chosen to add a donation link at the bottom of the site. Since this endeavor is self-funded, content is limited by my budget and time. All content on this site is made by myself and is offered freely without copyright. If you feel this project is of value and would like to contribute, your donation of any amount is deeply appreciated.

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